New Project of the Alliance for Regional and Civil Initiatives (ARCI)

Since 1st of September, 2016 “Alliance for Regional and Civil Initiatives” (ARCI), Bulgaria in partnership with ” Future Worlds Center (FWC) “, Cyprus; ” Tunisian Association for Cultural Action (ATAC) “, Tunisia and ” The Economic Research and Social Solidarity Foundation of the Balkan Immigrants (BISAV)“, Turkey, implement project “Different cultures – Common Values”, Contract № ALF / CFP / 2015 / EDU / 91, funded by Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures (ALF) . The project duration is 12 months and total budget 42,970 Euro.

The main objective of the project is to encourage intercultural awareness among the young people of the Euro-Mediterranean region, to educate respect for cultural and ethnic differences and to create common values.

The activities start with elaboration of Methodology on conducting lessons for intercultural dialogue for students aged 14 -18 years.

During the planned training of Coordinators of the organizations – of project partners, which will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, in December 2016, will be discussed specific steps for the realization of the lessons (according to the Methodology) and supporting educational and cultural initiatives in schools in Cyprus, Tunisia, Turkey and Bulgaria.

The Project Coordinators will have the commitment to organize and to conduct focus groups with teachers and principals in the schools of the different countries who will continue to work with the young people.

At least 20 teachers (5 per country), 200 children, 40 representatives of vulnerable groups will participate in the project.

The Essential part of the Project includes conducting of lessons/seminars/workshops, etc. with students and young people, the results of which will be summarized and published in a Catalogue for exchange of information and best practices for stimulating intercultural cooperation and dialogue.

More information about the project, or to declare your wish for involvement in the activities, can be found on our website: , or at telephone: +359 2 944 63 89 or mail: