Seminar in the framework of the Project “Civil Dialogue for Development” – 19-21 January 2018

DSC_0805 DSC_0789 DSC_0787 DSC_0783Members of BPID spent 3 days at Sapareva Banya discussing a new project the platform started last November – “Civil Dialogue for Development”.After the project was presented in front of the participants in the seminar discussion followed on the main project activities. One of the urgent topics was the organization of Information Days on national level in 28 cities (in all administrative regions): information scope of the educational set, local target audiences (the way of identifying and motivating them to come), invitation process, communication support, training itself (presentation skeleton). Experts presented their vision on SDG 3,4,5 and 16. Presentations followed one and the same template in order to unify the information for better delivering and achieving the targets. In the following discussions participants agreed on training schedule and information design, also on logistics in the different regions and experts. Tsvetelina Neshkova gave more detailed information about the logistics of the Information Days.

Communication messages were the next big discussion topic. Rumyan Sechkov (S.E.G.A) and Ilina Mutafchieva (National Youth Forum) facilitated discussion the key messages and key target audiences to be influenced by the messages. Three main target groups were identified during the discussion: Educational Institutions & CSOs; Business and Local Authorities. Three main communication streams were also identified a. SDGs; b. Development policies and c. Active Citizenship. Three working groups have separate brainstorming sessions and came with proposal for key messages per communication streams for each target groups. All the proposals will be formed as a shortlist and tested in focus groups. Information Days can be a good opportunity for that. Еkaterina Dimitrova (United Nations Association of Bulgaria) conducted a very useful and practical workshop on specifics of social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and gave advices how to improve both project and platform online communication presence.

Pavlina Filipova resumed briefly the   Regional Conferences planned for March 20th – 21st. She presented the format, the profile of requested speakers and guests, logistic information, registration process and update information about preparation progress. The target as agreed during the discussions are CSOs from the Western Balkans and Black Sea region, with expertise and knowledge on SDGs 3,4,5 and 16.

Needed experts’ positions were presented by Luba Batenberska and Anelia Fernandes. Within short time ToRs will be prepared and admission procedure will be initiated.

After 3 hard working days, participants left the seminar quite motivated and ready to make their best for improvement of active   and sustainable citizenship in the region.

The seminar is within a framework of “Civil Dialogue for Development” Project. The project is financed by EC under “Civil society organizations and local authorities” Program and is implemented by Bulgarian Platform for International Development (Grant agreement № CSO-LA/20171389-142).

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