International Conference Know-How 3000 – Promoting Human Rights and Empowering Civil Society

International Conference Know-How 3000, Promoting Human Rights-Empowering Civil Society

25th-27th of June 2012, Diplomatic Academy Vienna, Austria

Basic Information

Since 2011 HORIZONT3000 has held two Regional Conferences on Human rights-one in Uganda and one in Nicaragua. This year’s conference was held in June in Vienna and its focus was on human rights and empowering civil society.

HORIZONT 3000 is an Austrian NGO working in the area of development cooperation. It specializes in monitoring and implementation of projects in developing countries, offering support to people in partner countries so as to improve the quality of their lives. Their work is dedicated to protecting human rights to ensure pluralistic and democratic society. The Bulgarian Platform for International Development was invited to take part in the international conference in Vienna as a member of TRIALOG. The TRIALOG  project started in 2000 and now is in its fourth phase (2009-2012). Its objectives are to strengthen civil society and raise awareness for development issues in the enlarged EU. It coordinates internationally work between NGOs, institutions, civil society actors and institutions in development education, on providing social assistance, humanitarian help and other forms of support.

Objectives of the conference:

1. To discuss, strategies and methods to strengthen Civil Society organizations and structures, so that they can better defend Human Rights.
2. Exchange of good practices and project experience from a variety of project partners from different continents
3. Presentation and communication of the work of HORIZONT3000 in the sector Human Rights-Civil Society to the official Austrian Development Cooperation member of TRIALOG organizations and other actors within the development cooperation in Austria.


Over 100 persons; 20 of them project partners from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa,Mozambique, Senegal, Papua New Guinea), project partners from member organizations of HORIZONT3000, NGO organizations from Eastern Europe, target group of the TRIALOG project, employees from member organizations ofHORIZONT3000 and other Austrian organizations working in development cooperation.


The main focus was on the following topics:

– Human
– Rights and Human Rights-based Approach
– Advocacy and Lobbying
– Sustainable
– Strengthening of Civil Society

For each topic were invited experts with immense experience and expertise. Members from partner organizations from the North and South presented their projects(20 minutes each) and afterwards during workshops(1,5 hours each) lively discussions, exchange of good practices, experience and recommendations were made mainly in the areas of women’s rights, land rights and youth/children’s rights.


Iva Gavralova-Doseva