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MAKUTANO JUNCTION: A MULTI-MEDIA APPROACH TO EFFECTIVE DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION is a 2-year project financed by the European Union, EuropeAid Program that focuses on raising students’ and teachers’ awareness of development issues in partner countries through multi-media learning activities based around a highly popular, award-winning Kenyan TV educational drama series – Makutano Junction (MJ). The project involves working with secondary school teachers, teacher trainers in Poland, Estonia and Bulgaria and with primary school teachers in the UK, consolidated by linking with 6 primary schools in Nairobi, Kenya to promote the need for, and good practices in global education encouraging students to examine and change attitudes and behaviour towards issues facing those in developing countries. Embedding global learning across the curriculum can be challenging, therefore project partners have created an exciting range of teaching materials to help teachers do this. Classroom activities are designed around extracts from the soap opera that help young people engage with global issues, discover similarities, challenge stereotypes and raise awareness.