How to become a member of BPID?

The membership in BPID is based on the principles of equality and independence. The members of the organizations are full and associate. The full member could be organization with non-profit goals that accept the goals of the platform and works for their realization. The full members cannot be members of other organizations in the country that have similar goals with the ones of the platform in regard t international cooperation for development. Each full member has one voting right.

The associate member might be organization or private person that accept the goals of BPID and are eager to work for their realization. The associate members do not pay membership fees and they do not have the right to vote.

The acceptance of the new full member of BPID is after sending of:

1. Мotivation letter,

2. Report for the implemented activities for the last 3 years and statute.

These documents should be sent to the following address: bul. Kniaz Aleksandar Dondukov 67, 1504 Sofia, or scanned copies to  The BPID management board is reviewing the documents and is proposing them to the members with voting right. After voting  the new request for membership could be accepted.